Choi Kwai International has a diversified assortment and the owner of a restaurant can find all needed groceries. Not only the major brands are available, but also local brands and products from large Asia. Choi Kwai delivers its products at a great price referring to the high quality of the products. Our purchasing department purchases as much products directly in Asia as possible in order to adjust our assortment to your requirements.

We do not only take the prices of the products into consideration, but also control the quality of our goods. Especially the fresh and frozen groceries are of special interest. These are stored in our hypermodern, conditioned environment. This means, the purchase of products takes place under the constraints of sharp purchasing terms and conditions, as well as desired quality standards.

The assortment can be divided into the following main groups:

  • Fresh groceries
  • Dried groceries
  • Frozen groceries
  • Non food

This main groups have recently been extended by a large range of different types of ice cream, fresh salmon, crayfish, shrimps and different kinds of sesame oil. Our product offering is very diversified and we advise you to use our catalogue to have an overview of all our products. You can download our catalogue as PDF document.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader to open PDF documents please download the catalogue via this link for free.