History Choi Kwai International

Choi Kwai International came into existence by family activities. In the begin of the 60s the parents of the founder of the company, Jan Rijcken, started breeding champignons. At that time, they focused on hotels and restaurants in the Netherlands. Afterwards, bean sprouts gained popularity and the family took this chance to develop a successful business.  

When  Jan Rijcken got his driving license he first supported his mother, who already started her own business of delivering products to Asian restaurants. In the end of the 80’s the old company building was replaced by a new, modern location. Mother and son united to manage the business together and the company name changed to wholesale Rijcken-Buurman.

In the 90s they found new developing opportunities. Due to free exchange within the European Union, Jan Rijcken saw the chance to enter the German market. The trade name was changed to Choi Kwai International. Choi stands for vegetables and Kwai means light-skinned foreigner. Over time several competitors have changed its original meaning, but it only strengthened the brand in its tasks and values.

Meanwhile, the former vegetable deliverer extended his assortment by dried- and frozen groceries and later also by non-food. The Asian restaurant can order all required goods from Choi Kwai.

From 2000 to 2004 the company was temporarily in external guidance, with Ebo van den Bor. During this years the former stakeholder influenced the business strongly in terms of specialization towards the German and Austrian market. Finally, Jan Rijcken repurchased his company and by now the company returned to its original quality of being a quick and flexible sales organisation.

Although the founder of the company, Jan Rijcken, passed away, the company still is family property. With a passionate team old trading areas are reactivated and new areas are discovered.